Pre-shipped Envelopes

Pre-ordering birth announcements envelopes is a relatively simple process and something many parents-to be find helpful. To have your envelopes shipped early, you must first select an announcement. When asked to “Enter Your Wording” in the Design Center, please type “Text will be sent later”. (Once your baby is born, you may email or fax the text that you would like to appear on the announcement. You will send the appropriate information to the Stationery Consultant handling your order.) On the “Related Items” page select the “Pre-shipped Envelopes” option by checking the box in front of “Include with my order”. Place your order. Payment for the order must be made at this time. If your order is due to arrive within 5 days of your pre-shipped envelopes, we will ship your entire order together. If you will be sending us birth announcement text at a future date, you can expect your pre-shipped envelopes to arrive according to the published delivery dates for the vendor you selected.