Etiquette Service

If you have an etiquette question related to the categories you see on our site and you cannot find the answer in our FAQ Section email our Etiquette Experts at They will respond with an answer within 24 business hours. Their responses to your questions are derived from their knowledge gained from years of training and experience in this industry, combined with the assistance of an extensive etiquette library.


Understand that etiquette, in many cases, is more art form than science and what we are providing are suggestions, not hard fast rules. What we may "advise" you to do (or not) because of older traditions and etiquette rules that may not work for you, your family, region or nationality. The very best guides, when it comes to etiquette, are your own instincts and comfort level. Our expertise is with proper etiquette advice and how to do, write or say things pertaining to wedding, baby, stationery, party, holidays and gifts.


Please note that we are neither comfortable nor qualified to offer advice in family or personal matters.